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We believe in valuable Market education at an affordable price with real interactions between Mentors and individuals just like you that will truly help benefit them in the Markets.

From Rags to riches

Trader’s Ultimate Edge Was Founded In 2017 From a Vision That Life Could Be More Rewarding While Spinning Our Wheels Less!

At Trader’s Ultimate Edge we deliver real education that is well researched, purposeful, and actionable. Education that you can take and actually use to build a career or an income.

Trader’s Ultimate Edge services provide the education pathway necessary to become a full-time day trader for the properly motivated and disciplined individual. 

Trader’s Ultimate Edge has a reputation for transforming people’s lives from the overworked and underpaid to accomplishing true financial independence. Since Trader’s Ultimate Edge first started, we have become a trusted name within dozens of financially independent traders’ lives, helping them achieve their income goals, by learning faster while losing less and not working for anyone but themselves.

Trading is extraordinarily difficult, and most fail. There are many reasons why they fail, and thankfully we’ve had the opportunity to see those reasons again and again and can now help individuals work through them.

7 Day Free Trial includes access to our Discord trading room. You’ll be able to join us during the week, watch and listen to the stream of us trading live, and ask questions in our general chat room, and see all of the indicators we have to offer.

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These are the results of head Trader Anthony Garcia. His results are NOT TYPICAL. Individual Client results are confidential and may vary.

Meet the team

 Anthony Garcia 

CEO & Founder of Trader’s Ultimate Edge

Anthony is the owner and founder of Trader’s Ultimate Edge. He has been investing for about 15 years and now has found a real passion in teaching others to do the same.

His specialties involve deep dive fundamental analysis of stocks and funds, deep technical analysis of price charts, and income-based trading designed to provide a weekly income for the investor.

Besides being the owner of the company Anthony acts as head of the Dynamic Income program, head instructor of the advanced courses, and teaches deep dive fundamentals classes.


Swing Trader

Dr. Ben Fortson is a first year Podiatry Resident at Jesse Brown VA in Chicago IL. He has thirteen years in the Navy, three of which were spent on Active Duty where the first year was spent in the BUD/S pipeline, and the last two years were in Washington D.C. as a Casket Bearer in the United States Navy Ceremonial Guard. The other ten years have been spent in the reserves where he has served in Rota Spain, and in Navy Cargo Handling Battalion 13 where he is a crane operator. His interest in stocks and finance started ten years ago when one of his Navy friends who has a master’s in finance introduced him to the world of dividend-paying stocks.

In options, Dr. Fortson has a personal strategy for shorting the VIX and is a swing trader who learned the majority of what he knows from Anthony Garcia. He does all of this while serving in the Navy, and as a first-year resident, and tailors his trades to his busy schedule.

Brett Werner 

Head Basics Instructor 

Brett Werner, born into a financial advisory family, has been fascinated with the market since he was a child. As much as he’s loved the market, it has not always returned that sentiment. He tried numerous programs and trading platforms before finally finding methods that worked for him. Today he wants to help act as a navigator to help our clients quickly and efficiently get to that place with as short of a learning curve as possible. Brett acts as our head instructor in all basics courses.

Ryan Knight
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Unbelievable value in your service. Unbelievable. Swinging for singles but hit a home run today. Nice fat bonus.
Stefan Petters
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I think everyone here can agree that TUE has changed our lives! I appreciate that we can share mistakes without being made fun of. Everyone has their individual learning curve.
Greg Leathers
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I’m happy with the content here. This group is very supportive. Anthony and his team are very accessible and give a great analysis of the market. It's well worth the price.

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