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Our currently available educational pathways

Basic Investing and Trading

This pathway is for the beginner with no experience who just wants to learn more about the stock market, investing, beginning trading, and how to build their portfolio.

A comprehensive look at the fundamentals of investing and trading. There are with 8+ hours of live Q&A with an instructor to go along with the curriculum.

Includes one month of Trader’s Ultimate Edge Monthly for free.

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Full-time Day Trader

The Trader’s Ultimate Edge full-time day trader pathway is our flagship product for going from complete beginner to a full-time trader. Small account strategies included.

It provides our basic curriculum, proprietary indicators, daily market analysis, live trading rooms, Discord server, and the ability to see what real day traders are doing in real time. When combined with included 1-on-1 mentorship and customized action plans for your trading it truly is the top tier product you’ve been wanting.

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Building an income

This pathway is best for the individual who wants to learn more about the markets and how to create their own income, but at a far slower pace than a full-time trader. It’s more laid back but requires more starting capital.

Learn how to manage an income portfolio, including specialized custom strategies aimed at producing about 1% return per week for the account total. Includes weekly workshops where you watch an instructor perform the strategy in his or her own account as well as recorded curriculum.

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