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Part of the problem with learning to trade is the huge number of available indicators out there. With us you’ll have access to the best indicators and algorithms we can build that are clear winners! Big hedge funds use custom indicators and algos, why shouldn’t you?

Free trial does not include indicator access by default. You can view indicators in the streams, or personally request a 2 day free access in Discord (Message a moderator).

Inconsistent results with popular free indicators? Unsure of exactly how to create a repeatable strategy? Confused by the number of purchasable indicators on the market and whether they work or not?

Sound Familiar?

If you don’t have a solid indicator setup with a repeatable strategy you will have a very tough time becoming profitable. Trading is hard enough, why make it any harder?

We believe that with the right indicators to give you a repeatable strategy, and the right education to back you up, you can become profitable!

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We understand the feeling of wading through a sea of indicators trying to find “the one,” that magic indicator that just hits every time.

Here’s some truth – there’s no such thing.

With over 30 years of combined experience in the market, we’ve learned this the hard way. There is no indicator out there that’s a magic bullet and just gives you trade after trade of profit. It isn’t possible.

But what is possible, and what we’ve built, is an easy set of indicators that work together to find repeatable trades for any style of trading. If you like day or swing trading, or if you’re a trend trader or just want momentum, we’ve built the indicator that will help find repeatable trades.

Our main indicators, the TUE Simple Candles and TUE Algo are designed for trend and momentum, respectively. They take into account numerous variables so you don’t have to in order to make finding complicated setups much easier.

And you can access these institutional level tools!

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Our indicators take into account numerous variables to give their buy and sell signals. These are variables that you would normally have to keep track of manually by using tons of separate indicators and drawings on your screen. This can cause you to miss entries and exits. Our indicators do all that for you making it easily repeatable.

Constant innovation

We never stop innovating and improving. If something can be made better then we'll do it. If settings can be more customizable for individual tickers then we'll make it happen. And we'll do it all with easy to understand documentation. We even take user requests - if our members see something that can be changed or added then let us know!


We've taken the time to make video instructions for our indicators, make sure that tooltips are included in the settings in TradingView, and we help with Tech Support in Discord for the length of your membership.

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our indicator suite


This algorithm searches over a dozen different variables to find repeatable entries and exits. It tells you what’s high probability and low probability, has a built in stop out area, and has a movement band feature using predictive mathematics so you know where you’re overextended. Does not repaint.

This is our premier product for momentum traders.

Pivot points done right

Pivot points aren’t exactly a new concept, but they do have a couple of calculations. They work great as institutional levels of support and resistance and are very valid today on indexes and major stocks.

Since there’s more than one calculation we’ve added both of them into one indicator to make it easier for you to find the right levels in the markets.

The TUE Candles

The Candles and Simple Candles algorithms find trend changes and display them in easy to see color changes with buy and sell signals.  It features customization for different tickers and, unlike other offerings on the market, doesn’t redraw it’s candles to incorrect prices. You can use this with regular candles or Heikin Ashi. Does not repaint.

This is our premier product for trend traders, and works great for swing traders.


Being able to track the strength of a trend, and importantly the turn around points and consolidation, is necessary for many traders.

There are almost no indicators out there to reliably find consolidation areas, but ours does. It’ll find movements between bull and bear trends, give you a heads up, and tell you when it’s in consolidation. It does not repaint.

This is an excellent indicator for anyone looking to trade with the trend or contrarian, and often acts as a confirmation indicator to other signals.

The TUE Oscillator

One of the biggest problems with existing oscillators and convergence-divergence indicators is that they use lagging math. Yes the MACD and Stochastics can be useful for confirmation, but what if you want to know ahead of time?

That’s where this indicator comes into play. Watch the video and be amazed. You’ll know about moves before they happen so that you can properly take profits or get ready for entries. Does not repaint.

This is an excellent indicator for any day trader to help them interpret the movements of the market and find take profit points.


Volume is a really difficult thing to understand at first, and not many indicators have been made to interpret it, until now! Sure there is the volume profile and it works well, but there’s a lot more information there than meets the eye.

Enter cumulative volume delta. This is the difference between bull and bear volume and the study of what it can teach you. Does not repaint.

This is an excellent indicator for advanced day traders to help them interpret the movements of the market.

predictive atr channels

 ATR Channels aren’t a new concept. Keltner channels have been around for decades. But we’ve added a new twist.

Using predictive mathematics that we’ve developed in our other indicators we’re better able to predict the movements of the channels to make them more relevant. Does not repaint.

This is an excellent indicator to help traders find areas to take profits or enter trades.

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Free trial does not include indicator access by default. You can view indicators in the streams, or personally request a 2 day free access in Discord (Message a moderator).

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