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Creating Strong Hands

 Learn the secrets of Wall Street that the Wolves don’t want you to know. Our One on One Mentorship Program will guide you in the moments of critical decision making and help you along your journey.

7 Day Free Trial includes access to our Discord trading room.
You’ll be able to join us during the week, watch and listen to the stream of us trading live,
ask questions in our general chat room, and see all of the indicators we have to offer.

Inconsistent positive returns? Losing money in the Markets? Little to no growth on proper market analysis to lower your losses and increase your profits? A lack of understanding when it comes to risk management decision-making?

Sound Familiar?

If you don’t have a solid foundation in market fundamentals, your hope of becoming a full-time day trader will be short-lived due to consistent negative returns and no growth.

We Believe That You Can You Can Achieve Your Goals and Maximize Your Time To Do The Things You Love!

We are
Trader’s Ultimate Edge!

we can help you achieve your goals and work towards becoming A Consistently Profitable Day Trader!

We understand the stress it can put on you and your family when you are negatively impacted by the market due to a lack of knowledge of trading fundamentals 

We believe in quality education at an affordable price with real interactions between mentors and people just like you that will truly help benefit in you in the markets. 

With over 30 years of combined experience in the market, we’ve coached dozens of people just like you to achieve their ultimate goals and become successful day traders. Trading is very difficult, and most fail – but with the proper education and mentorship your chances are vastly improved!

And We Can’t Wait To Do The Same For You! 

What our clients can
from us

Consistently Seeing growth in their trading and investing knowledge -

With One on One mentorship, our clients will have the ability to learn and grow with a professional day trader and investor, which means they will learn faster and learn more about the markets than with other companies.

Access To Our Exclusive Real-Time Proprietary Software -

With our accurate indicators, our clients are able to take repeatable trades that match their strategy. We have numerous indicators for momentum traders, swing traders, trend followers, and more.

24-Hour Access To Our Live Network Of Professional Day Traders -

Exclusive Membership Capping allows quality mentorship that will reduce learning curves in the market, resulting in a faster return on their investment.

Meet your shortcut to success…

It's All about the Benjamin's

Step 1:
Schedule Your Free Consultation

We’ll determine the level of your market trading expertise and where we see room for improvement.

Step 2:
Plan Of Attack

We’ll make a customizable plan and work together to execute on it. You will eliminate obstacles and always know what's next on your path to tackle.

Step 3:

You'll now be able to focus clearly on learning how to trade and navigate the stock market with expert guidance right by your side.

7 Day Free Trial includes access to our Discord trading room. You’ll be able to join us during the week, watch and listen to the stream of us trading live, ask questions in our general chat room, and see all of the indicators we have to offer.

Here's What's included when you work
with us

One on One Mentorship

You will have the ability to learn and grow with professional day traders and investors, resulting in a quicker learning curve.

Membership Capping

You’ll get an enhanced user experience with small classroom sizes, resulting in a more intimate atmosphere. You aren’t just a number to us!

Long-Term Stock Picks Newsletter

We ensure all of our Clients receive our Newsletter recapping our calls in the event they are not available. We want to make sure you get the information you need. This recap will ensure you are up to speed with your mentors and allows you to ask questions to stay on track.


Weekly Fundamental Workshops

No other Company offers workshops to teach you how to break down financial sheets and put them back together to ensure you will know how to invest properly. This is absolutely necessary when you want to fully understand the market

Education At The Highest Caliber

Getting what you paid for, our curriculum is extensive and well researched to truly enable you to succeed in the tough and demanding environment of the stock markets

Quality Classroom Settings

You can ensure your questions will be answered accordingly and thoroughly within a smaller personal classroom environment. 

Private Discord

 Established and controlled customer support with real-time responses guaranteeing fewer obstacles.

SMS For Important alerts and Daily Market Analysis

This feature is best for individuals still working a day job but want something that is quick and easy to understand about the market to stay involved which gives you the flexibility to maintain your day job as you begin to understand market fundamentals. 

We’re Top Flight!

With us

You’ll Get – 

With Them

You’ll Get – 

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We Would Love to answer them for you personally!

Get connected with our seasoned day traders and allow them to get to know your questions and concerns!