Education – Trader’s Ultimate Edge

Foundational Education and ongoing learning

We first help you by teaching you the foundational information necessary to invest and trade profitably.

The foundational curriculum contained in the Basics courses has been designed with a broad base of knowledge in mind. The foundational approach that we’re employing has been shown to help build the best structure for success in any occupation, and no where will we find that more true than the stock market which requires a large range of knowledge to truly allow you to become financially independent.

  • We first provide the large base of foundational education necessary in our Basics courses along with live Q&A with an instructor with years in the market.
  • Once you’re comfortable with the Basics, you can continue in the live Q&A sessions to cement your knowledge.

Ongoing education after the Basics course is where you take your knowledge from theoretical to practical.

After you’ve completed the curriculum in the Basics courses you’ll move on to the Trader’s Ultimate Edge Monthly program which will continue your education and give you additional practical hands-on learning. It includes:

  • 1-on-1 mentorship to help you specifically so you never get lost in a crowd.
  • A customized action plan with individually assigned homework to help you internalize what you’ve learned.
  • All of our proprietary trading tools.
  • Live trading every week where you can watch over the shoulder of a professional day trader.
  • A workshop devoted specifically to talking about swing trades on Wednesday.
  • Friday Dynamic Income workshops (included for free with Monthly) where you learn how to create an income with your capital using a strategy that aims for 1% return weekly.
  • A Friday mindset workshop where we talk specifically about the proper mindset for trading and investing.
  • Wednesday workshops where we discuss stock fundamentals and you watch our founder Anthony Garcia make his long term stock picks.
  • Call outs throughout the week from multiple day and swing traders showing their moves in the market so you can learn from what they do.

As you can see we invest in our customer’s success by making sure you can take the education from the classroom to the chart.

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