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Our owner Anthony Garcia has designed, coded, and now provides multiple unique tools to our members. In this section we’ll give you a brief overview of them so you can see why they can give us an edge.

The Garcia Curves indicator

This indicator was developed with a simple concept in mind. It uses predictive math to help determine when a trend is changing and with how much momentum. What’s different about the curves indicator is that it uses predictive math, and not lagging math. Many indicators (nearly all, actually) that are used on stock price charts are lagging indicators. For example the simple or exponential moving average indicators are only taking data from the past, thus they “lag” in their information. We’re not saying they aren’t useful, just that they’re behind the curve.

You can click on the photo below to expand it and take a closer look at the indicator.

Indicator Confluence Box

The RSI, Average True Range, Bollinger Bands, and EMAs are staples of most trader’s arsenals. We coded a simple box that works on any timeframe that will show you where these are at so there’s no need to have them crowding your screen.

ATR Backtester

The Average True Range is an excellent way to help find where a stock might move to and when it might rebound. We’ve created a back tester that will allow you to tell, at a glance, where this number is.

Pivot Points

Pivot points provide areas of support and resistance on various timeframes, and tend to be especially useful on commodities and indexes. Pivot points are nothing new, and we didn’t invent them. But we did perfect the indicator for them.

The issue with pivot points is that there is more than one way to calculate them, and both ways are valid. We’ve coded an indicator that displays both methods and we teach you how to use it.

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