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From Rags to Riches: Trader’s Ultimate Edge Was Founded In 2021 From a Vision That Life Could Be More Rewarding While Spinning Our Wheels Less!

At Trader’s Ultimate Edge we deliver real education that is deep, purposeful, thoughtfully researched, and actionable. Education that you can take and actually use to build a career or an income. Trader’s Ultimate Edge provides the education pathway necessary to become a full-time day trader for the properly motivated and disciplined individual.

Trader’s Ultimate Edge has a reputation of transforming people’s lives from the overworked and underpaid to accomplishing true financial independence. Since Trader’s Ultimate Edge first started we have become a trusted name for dozens of people, helping them achieve their income goals whatever they may be. Helping them learn faster while losing less and not working for anyone but themselves.

This company was founded by Anthony Garcia, and he founded this company because he didn’t like the state of the trading education industry. Everywhere he saw companies that either massively overcharged, were outright scams, or didn’t provide the real 1-on-1 interaction necessary to become a trader. He felt there was no company out there that could truly reduce the learning curve and get someone from rags to riches.

And Anthony is no stranger to rags. He went from having $5 to his name and an eviction notice on his door to successful day trader. There were a lot of stops along the way – he worked in the oilfield, as a truck driver, and owned a few businesses – but he got there eventually. From nothing to happiness and a wonderful family that he can provide for. And YOU can do it too!

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