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Over the past several years there has been a sudden surge in the rise of trading “gurus.” None of us here is a guru – we believe in hard work, education, practice, research, and real life experience. We won’t try to convince you that one indicator is the holy grail of trading, and we won’t try to convince you penny stocks are the solution to all your problems.

Nor will we do your work for you. Although you can see what our traders do in real time, we are not an “alert” service. We show you their moves so you can learn and understand. We don’t catch you fish, we teach you to fish.

Our approach is highly collaborative with you, with a focus on first building the foundational knowledge necessary through the Basics and Advanced programs. With the curriculum you learn, the live Q&A, and the mentorship you receive you will get a real education in the topics of investing and trading.

But of course an education wouldn’t be much good if you can’t execute with it. That’s why we provide our Monthly service to continue that mentorship and education and put it into hands-on, real, practical use so you can become comfortable and learn your own style in the stock market.

We provide small classrooms and 1-on-1 mentorship to truly enable you to succeed in the tough and demanding environment of the stock market.

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Our 1-on-1 mentorship provides a unique opportunity for you to have your education customized specifically to your needs and to support you in an ongoing capacity.
At Trader’s Ultimate Edge we’ve developed a number of indicators and scanners specifically for usage by our members that can give you the edge you need.

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