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Basic Investing and Trading Education

Where your journey begins.

This program is our foundational education. It’s designed to teach a broad overview of what someone would need to move on to either becoming a full-time trader, or managing their own portfolio. That’s why this course is included in our day-trader and income pathways.

It comes with eight small classroom workshops for Q&A with an instructor who has years in the markets so you can ask any questions you have regarding the curriculum and get your answers.

We also offer something that no one else does – 1-on-1 mentoring is included with our basics courses. Anyone who takes the basics course will get two 1-on-1 sessions with an instructor designed to help put together a customized action plan for the student to learn the material they’re really interested in.

Price $1000 Once

This is the standalone course and is NOT the full pathway for day traders or income investors. Both of those pathways include this course.

Please note that you can later sign up for monthly service, however signing up for it up front will get you the first month free. Please see the full-time day trader pathway for those details.

Overview of what the program contains:

  • Broad overview of economics
  • Broad overview of the stock market itself
  • Broad overview of individual asset classes
  • Investing fundamentals
  • Basic charting and technical analysis
  • Market psychology
  • Basic trading strategy
  • Basic options
  • Basic futures
  • Complete beginners who just want to learn the basics.
  • Someone who might want to go on to the other pathways (day trading or income investing) but isn’t sure yet (don’t worry, you can add them later for the same total price).
  • Someone who wants to get more involved with managing their own portfolio.
  • To gain the knowledge necessary to understand how and why the market moves like it does.
  • To develop skills in analyzing broad based economic factors that can lead to those movements.
  • To understand how to properly value a company in the stock market and begin to make picks for their own portfolios.
  • To learn basic charting and technical analysis, and then apply those new skills with some basic trading strategies.
  • To gain confidence with more advanced topics like options and futures, paving the way for day trading or income investing.

The small workshops are designed to allow you some time in a group environment to hear and participate in Q&A. If no one has a question then the instructor will teach on material from the curriculum. Typical classroom size is 5-15 people. Typical length is around an hour to an hour and a half. The reason we do small workshops like this is to increase the value our clients receive by allowing them to listen to questions from everyone. All workshops are recorded and available via the client dashboard.

Each enrollee will receive, beyond the eight included workshops, two 1-on-1 sessions (usually thirty minutes) to help them learn and retain the information. During this time the instructor will ask you if you need help on any particular point of the curriculum and develop a customized action plan for you moving forward.

If, for example you’re only interested in value investing, then the instructor can assign particular homework focused on that objective in your first meeting, and follow up in the second. The homework would likely be focused around determining proper valuation of a publicly traded company.

1-on-1s are something that can be continued after the class and are included as part of our monthly program in the day trader pathway.

Disclaimers, Returns, Warranties:

  • Due to the nature of the program in that some curriculum is immediately available the purchase is non-refundable.
  • No warranty or guarantee is expressed or implied.
  • We are not registered investment advisors. Past results are no guarantee of future performance. Investing and trading involves high degrees of risk.
  • Read our entire Terms and Conditions. Your purchase of this program means you agree to abide by them.

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