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Building an Income with the
Dynamic Income program



This program is designed to teach an individual to build themselves an income through a combination of covered options, easy index trades, and good old fashioned fundamental analysis mixed with technical analysis to determine the best times to enter.

This includes the ENTIRE beginners course, teaching you from “What is the stock market?” all the way through how to run this particular strategy.

Each week we have a call on Friday (two hours prior to market close) where an instructor maintenances his or her own portfolio and you can learn from their moves. They also text out the trades they take each week (this is different from the day trader pathway in that these are specifically designed to be very easy to manage) to help generate an income. You also have access, any time, to ask questions in a Discord channel dedicated specifically to this strategy.

This program, implemented properly, has shown a 30% annual return in our personal income accounts. You get to watch LIVE as an instructor maintenances their portfolio, including showing their live account so you know it’s legit.

After awhile once you’ve learned the content, strategies, stocks, and all beginner information then feel free to cancel the monthly program and continue yourself making a great income.

Price $1000 once. SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME OF $800

First month free and included with the one time fee above. Then $97 per month after. Cancel anytime.

Please note the Full-Time Day Trader Pathway contains this program.

Overview of what the program contains:

  • Full basics program so you can learn from the ground up. No experience required.
  • All proprietary software to get an edge in the market
  • A weekly Friday workshop where you can watch a real trader do this live
  • The actual income trades they’re taking, in real time, sent to you via SMS message, so you can learn from them
  • Weekly stock lists that our traders use to manage their income portfolios
  • Strategies including the “set and forget” SPX trades making ~5% a trade, iron condors, and covered calls and puts.
  • Focus on managing accounts once a week so you can enjoy life

Free overview of the main income strategy we use: covered options

This educational program was designed for the individual who doesn’t want to become a full-time day trader, but still wants to put money to work in a laid back manner. On average the rewards are significantly lower than full-time day trading, but it’s also easier to learn and requires less time to manage.

  • To gain the knowledge necessary to understand how and why the market moves like it does.
  • To develop skills in analyzing broad based economic factors that can lead to those movements.
  • To understand how to properly value a company in the stock market and how to use that knowledge to make income portfolio choices.
  • To learn simple strategies to produce an income and put them into use.

The Friday workshop happens two hours prior to market close. This is the time chosen as the best to maintenance positions for the coming week. If you can’t make it to the workshops the instructors post a PDF of all of their entries so you can learn from it over the weekend. The workshops are also recorded.

Disclaimers, Returns, Warranties:

  • Due to the nature of the program in that some curriculum is immediately available the up front cost of the purchase is non-refundable, however the monthly cost of $97 is refundable within 7 days.
  • No warranty or guarantee is expressed or implied.
  • We are not registered investment advisors. Past results are no guarantee of future performance. Investing and trading involves high degrees of risk.
  • Read our entire Terms and Conditions. Your purchase of this program means you agree to abide by them.

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